Tag: You're It!

- Up to 10 Players
- Best played with 6 or more players.
- Multiplayer Only.

Select your Class, and avoid the bombs. Die and you become the Bomber! Kill another player to get back into the game.


Watch your Mana.
Left mouse click drops smaller, cheaper bombs
Right mouse click drops larger, more expensive bombs.
Middle mouse click drops 3 smaller bombs, but is more expensive.
You lose 1 life every 45 seconds. This timer starts when bombs are enabled.


Dark Templar - Stealth and Blink on a long cooldown.
Immortal - Slow but can take lots of damage. Can use Guardian Shield.
Sentry - Can drop Force Fields to trap other players.
Ghost - Can Stealth and EMP.
Hellion - Super Fast.
Marauder - Can Attack, Slowing players and doing little damage.
Stalker - Can Blink with a short cooldown.
Ultralisk - A Fast, massive unit that can smash force fields.
Baneling - Explodes, dealing massive damage to other units while sacrificing itself.
Zealot - Can Summon Hallucinations.
Infestor - Casts Fungal Growth, immobilizing units for 1 second.

Stepping into the Green Beacon on the playing field will turn you into a flag carrier. The Flag Carrier is a large unit with no offensive or defensive abilities but you regen 1 life every 10 seconds.


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