Supply Depot Tetris w/ Multiplayer

<font color="FF0000" size="3">I've set this project on the backburner. If you want to take up the project and update it then send me a PM and I'll give you manager.</font>

Version 1.4 is out with Two Player support!

This is supply depot tetris. The rules are simple. Blocks will drop and you need to manipulate them to complete lines of 10 blocks.
You can shift blocks left or right, rotate them, soft drop, or hard drop.
Has a score system with a high score bank saving!
It automatically sets itself to either single or two player.
Single player requires you to complete 10 lines to move to the next level.
Multi-player requires you to eliminate your opponent by making him fill his screen.
In multi-player, if you complete combos of 2 or more you will send trash lines to your opponent.
Multi-player levels are based on time. 90 seconds per level.
I've spent a lot of time trying to perfect this map (it currently holds 6,500 lines of script) so check it out and have fun!

Right now playing games online with the patcher is laggy... Bare with it until blizzard lets you upload maps to

Get the Multiplayer patcher here:


Shift Block Left: A or Left Arrow
Shift Block Right: D or Right Arrow
Rotate Block: W or Up Arrow
Soft Drop: Hold S or Down Arrow
Hard Drop: Spacebar
View Opponent's Screen: Hold Tab

To play the map:
1.) Go to your starcraft 2 Beta folder (C:\Program Files\Starcraft II Beta)
2.) Open "Starcraft 2 II Editor.exe"
3.) File -> Open -> Click Browse -> Select your Downloads Folder -> SD-TetrisV1.2.SC2map -> OK
4.) File -> Test Document [b]or[/b] CTRL+F9


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