Stukov's Revenge


A year has passed since the Defenders of Man Incurson and the Tal'darim are preparing for a full-scale war with the Terran Dominion. They plan to conquer Char for resources to forge new ships for the Death Fleet. The Zerg are aware of this, however, Zagara and Stukov disagree on what to do. Zagara wants the Zerg to defend Char from the aggressors, Stukov is conviced that it is impossble to fight the Tal'darim head on and suggests to leave Char. While internal strife threatens to lead to an open conflict within the swarm, a Protoss ship crashed on Char. Hunter Killer Draliska is sent to investigate the remnants and is attacked by an unknown brood of Zerg. When Monstrosity Gumba, leader of the Leviathan Brood, is searching for him, he discovers problems by far more dangerous than a couple of rouge Zerg...


I currently have the first playable mission and an unfinishes stage of the mod, but it is finished enough to alpha test it.


You need this mod to play it:


See Discord for more details.


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