Replicant MOD version 2.0


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    Nov 14, 2017
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A new version of the old MOD that is included in the ZIP file with all the maps.


This MOD includes some quick fixes, due to good feedback: 


- AXT can now attack any unit but does very little damage. Still does great damage to shields. 

- The Necro operatives life drain ability now stacks up to five times.

-  The Necro operative now has an auto-cast ability that makes them stop if the encountered enemy units, making them more likely to survive and not just running into battle. (CREDITS to the people of Heptacraft and Jayborino for bringing it to my attention)


These changes are mostly to make the custom units more enjoyable to use. If you don´t want the changes you can skip this version of the MOD and still play the entire campaign.