StarCraft: ReelCraft

ReelCraft v3.0 is out! Some crazy new additons await...



In the grim darkness of the far future, commanders all over the Koprulu Sector find themselves at the mercy of a slotmachine - their unit rosters, mutators as well as the enemies they are up against chosen for them by this uncaring automaton.
You are one of them. Yay!


Check out Jayborino's playthrough of the first iteration of the map that would go on to win 2020's Maporino event:


How to get it to work

Download the zip folder containing the mod files (or alternatively the one containing both the maps and the mods), unpack it and put its contents (ReelCraftData.SC2Mod and ReelCraftAchievements.SC2Mod) into your mods folder. All you need to do now is download a map, unpack it and open it up. Just make sure your map is in a folder named ReelCraft inside your maps folder. Once the editor has started, click the green button in the top right that says "Test Document". Like stealing candy from a baby.


How to play

  • Pick a hero, an equipment item and a difficulty
  • Set up defenses and collect resource pickups to prepare for the first wave
  • Pay attention to the stuff you roll, mouse over each of the slots for detailed info


  • It may be beneficial to spend attribute points based on the enemy comp you find yourself up against
  • Prioritizing economy over unit production early on pays off - use your hero and the reinforcements to fend off the first wave
  • Taking the expansions is only required on the higher difficulties and may do more harm than good if you're not careful
  • You can use items to compensate for a hero's weakness e.g. by equipping Blaze with the Psi Projector or Nova with the Ionic Force Field
  • Remember to research your Tech Lab upgrades - they can make your units infinitely more powerful


Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts on this here reelish craft.

If you enjoyed yourself, consider leaving a positive review for the arcade version of the mod.


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