StarCraft 2: Origins


Update 2 (11/8/16): Project has been indefinitely postponed due to development difficulties.


Origins is a zerg campaign and prequel to StarCraft 1 played from the perspective of Senior Cerebrate Daggoth, the Overmind's right hand and greatest Cerebrate. It features a focus on accurate voice acting replicating the feel of StarCraft 1, high quality terrain, a new early Zerg tech tree, and expanding the other underdeveloped characters in the swarm. Fourteen missions are currently planned.

Origins is currently in the alpha state and is an experimental campaign due to its lack of human characters and focus on environmental challenges over that of AI. Many features are planned, but their inclusion and even status of the project is contingent on my time, resources and overall reception of the project.



Origins can be downloaded here. Launch "OriginsLauncher.sc2map" from your editor.


Origins is one of the few stories featuring a totally alien cast, the Overmind, Daggoth, Nargil, Gorn, and Abathur. It begins from the creation of the Zerg on Zerus, and goes into their expansion into the galaxy, assimilating new creatures and visiting other worlds in their search for life, and ultimately, the Protoss. Origins will cater to lovers of sci-fi, and aims to focus on concepts in physics and evolutionary biology. The story aims to be minimalistic and starts off slow. Retcons from StarCraft 2 are largely ignored.


Origins features three difficulty levels.

  • Casual - Minimal focus on macro and reduced AI waves. An easy way to simply enjoy the story.
  • Normal - A moderate difficulty level for many StarCraft players. Normal provides the optimal experience.
  • Brutal - AI waves are stronger and experienced StarCraft players will be challenged.

In many missions, the environment will be more challenging than the AI. This is to reinforce the theme of exploration and the evolutionary forces that forged the zerg into the greatest threat of the Milky Way galaxy.


IskatuMesk - Nargil Voice
Laconius - Daggoth Voice
Crainy - Witness Model
StarCraft Brood War Mod - by Maverck and Mass Recall Team
CybrosX - Mission 1 Terrain, Aerie, Termite and Hornet Models.
Avex - Mission 3 Terrain.
Cerebrate Model - Based on model by Cacho
GhostNova - Zerusian Walker Model
Creative Consultants - FanaticTemplar, Visions of Khas, Turalyon
Trailer Music by LittleVMills
Special Thanks To:
Telenil, Laconius, StratosTygo, DefilerRulez


I've been in the StarCraft modding community for years, and helped work on Origins, Subjection and Mass Recall. Donations will not only benefit the Origins campaign, but my assets will be available to the entire modding community.


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