No Shortcut for Starcraft Mass Recall after Installation. Installation information out of date. #809

  • stalos1234 created this issue Jan 9, 2023

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    As I tried to install Starcraft: Mass Recall the shortcut that was supposed to automatically appear did not appear even though I tried both the automatic and manual methods of installation.  From what I can tell I did it correctly but without the shortcut I can't play.  It says, "WshShortcut.Save: Unable to save shortcut "C:\Users\Destop\MassRecall.lnk." Other than that, the install went fine.  How can I play with no shortcut? Is there another way? I don't know what I am doing wrong.  Also, on your main page with all the download data the auto install option did not appear.  I used the Scmr7setup but is that the correct method? Finally, I recommend you create a new YouTube installation video for both methods as they are outdated and a new download for easy installation for version 8.0. 

  • 628w posted a comment Jan 10, 2023

    Maybe this post will help you:



    You can download the shortcut from version 7.3.1 from here:

    Edited Jan 11, 2023

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