Error in the trigger "Too_Many_Civilians_Die" [ENSR IV-1] #741

  • 628w created this issue Aug 1, 2021

    Bug Map

    ENSR ep.4, ENS_Epilogue01. (8.0.1)

    Bug Description


    The trigger "Too_Many_Civilians_Die" only counts live civilians belonging to Player No. 1. For this reason, completing the game may not be possible.


    Example. I loaded 94 civilians into the transport ship. Now I found the last group of civilians. The trigger will calculate that I have only 8 live civilians and the game will end with failure.


    Proposal: Include live civilians belonging to Player No. 5 and the number of living civilians who have not yet been found.


    The picture can be enlarged.



  • 628w edited description Aug 1, 2021

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