Enslavers redux epilogue mission 1 bug #693

  • andythepig1 created this issue Apr 29, 2021

    Bug Map

    Enslavers redux epilogue mission 1

    Bug Description

    The mission works fine at the start.


    But the nuclear strike trigger or smth right after it seems to ruin the mission. After Mengsk activates the Omega 66 nuke thing, Jimmy will comment "Dammit that son of a bitch activated the nuke" or something like that. Shortly after this comment, Kerrigan will say "i grow tired of this" out of the blue, immediately after this comment most if not all mission triggers stop working. That means the zerg and dominion will no longer send attack waves against you, the lazer drill will stop attacking, Kerrigan will not attack the base. Worst of all, no civilians will spawn after clearing the spawn locations of enemies (including the cloaked, burrowed ones) and civilians will stop boarding the dropship when entering the beacon, making the mission unbeatable after the nuke strike.


    I have full-restarted this map multiple times and this issue always happen right after the nuke strike and Kerrigan "grow tired of this" comment.

    To test it further, I saved right before the nuke strike, civilians could board the dropship, then i waited until after the nuke intro and civilians could no longer board the ship. I then loaded the pre-nuke save and they could board again.

  • andythepig1 posted a comment Apr 29, 2021


    I disabled the "nuke_warning" timer to prevent "Nuke Strike intro" from triggering. Kerrigan still said "I grow tired of this" at around 27 minutes, upon further investigation, I understand this comment is part of the "P4 wave K1" event. 


    Anyway, this time after the "grow tired" comment, Kerrigan actually led an attack wave towards my base (which has never happened in my previous tests when the "Nuke Strike intro" event was left intact). After that, "Kerrigan_Hero_dialog" and "Kerrigan_Retreats" events triggered. Immediately after this however, the same bug happened again and I could no longer trigger civilian spawn or dropship boarding.


    So nuke strike may influence Kerrigan-related events a bit but something else is causing the main problem.

  • andythepig1 posted a comment Apr 29, 2021


    Tested again, disabled nuke trigger, then this time at 29’20” the bug happened, at 29’26” Kerrigan grew tired and started attacking my base. Reloaded a save from before 29’20” and turned on god mode to assassinate Kerrigan, she was removed from the map entirely. Could board the dropship after Kerrigan removal until at exactly 29'20" the bug happened again and couldn’t board anymore.


    So Kerrigan herself is not causing the issue.

  • 628w posted a comment Aug 13, 2021

    I reported the same error (Issue #742), and now I found your report. I will copy here my report and close it.



    ENSR ep.4, ENS_Epilogue01. (8.0.1)


    After about 30 minutes, many triggers stops working:


    1. There are no bio-drop pods.
    2. There are no Zerg attacks from east, from the south and from the cave.
    3. There are no Zerg attacks from their base.
    4. There are no Dominion attacks.
    5. There are no nuclear attacks.
    6. Civilians do not call aid.
    7. Civilians do not enter into a transport ship.
    8. "Quit" command does not work.


    If I kill the enemy SCV near the eastern Dominion base, most of these triggers work again. They still do not work: number 3 and number 4.


    See it on the movie (link).


    As part of the experiment, I created a trigger that every 21 minutes removes all SCV from the game near the eastern Dominion base. During the game with this trigger, the problems described do not occur.
    I do not know why this is happening, I do not understand it.

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