[Fixed in version 8.0.1.] "Frozen" player. [ENSR, ep. 2, v8] #616

  • 628w created this issue Jan 17, 2021

    Bug Map

    ENSR, ep.2, Protoss01 "Return to Aiur", v8

    Bug Description


    This problem only occurs after Episode I, Canon A.

    The Terran_Rescue trigger "freezes" players and then "thaws" them. but except player #1.

    The "Unit Group" command is inactive.


  • 628w edited title Mar 30, 2021
  • 628w posted a comment Mar 30, 2021

    Fixed in version 8.0.1.
    I close the Issue.

  • 628w closed issue Mar 30, 2021

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