SCMR Map Pack 3/3 - v5.4.1 (Korean)


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    Jul 19, 2015
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  • Included the original CGI cinematics as an optional feature
  • The game now tracks progress for each campaign, maps are unlocked as you play (options to unlock all missions and reset all campaign progress are available)
  • Easy difficulty is now somewhat easier in all campaigns
  • Changes and small tweaks in several cutscenes
  • New terrain detail in several maps
  • Various other cosmetic changes and fixes
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the AI for making drops
  • The AI can no longer build medics when the Brood War tech option is disabled

Episode 0 - Loomings

TerranL04: Force of Arms

  • Air attacks have been nerfed slightly
  • Some of the stray Zerg will now defend their hive cluster

Episode 1 - Rebel Yell

Terran05: Revolution

  • Slightly reduced AI rebuilding for medium difficulty

Episode 3 - The Fall

Protoss01: First Strike

  • Some additional dialogue added

Protoss06: Into the Darkness

  • Difficulty levels added

Protoss07: Homeland

  • Difficulty slightly increased

Episode 5 - The Iron Fist

TerranX02: The Dylarian Shipyards

  • Enemy infantry now have 2/2 upgrades in Hard difficulty
  • Yamato Gun disabled in Medium and Hard difficulty

Episode 6 - Queen of Blades

ZergX05: True Colors

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the ending dialogue to play twice


  • Raynor (marine), Kerrigan (ghost) and Tassadar are now properly revealed when attacking from high ground
  • Dark Archons subgroup priority is now the second highest of the Protoss (after High Templar)
  • Pylons now power structures on higher ground

visual changes

  • slightly increased the scale of most air units
  • new portrait: Raszagal
  • Edmund Duke (tank) no longer changes portrait when going back to Tank Mode
  • Infantry Weapons upgrades now properly change the icon of the Cerberus Firebat weapon

SCMR Korean version 5.4.1