SCMR v7.1 Extra Bonus Campaign - Enslavers Redux


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    8. Enslavers
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    Jul 16, 2019
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This file includes a new 30-mission extra bonus campaign "Enslavers Redux" by OmegaWeaponX!  This series contains 4 episodes, with 9 unique maps per Terran, Protoss, and Zerg races, with 3 epilogue maps.  Content and story is based on the original Enslavers custom maps in Starcraft and Dark Vengeance maps in Brood War.  Features brand new dialog and story, missions, and enhanced heroes with their own level-up mechanics!  Learn what happens between the major Starcraft episodes and the events leading up to Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty!


While this custom campaign can be played stand-alone by opening up the unique Enslavers Redux Campaign Launcher and launching missions from there, it is also integrated into Mass Recall via the "Extras" menu.  In order to load it properly in for the Mass Recall Launcher to work with this campaign, follow these instructions:


  1. Download the above zip file containing Enslavers Redux
  2. Go into your Starcraft 2 folder -> SCMR Mass Recall -> Extras:
  3. Within Extras, place your zip file, then uncompress it there.  You should have a folder that says 8. Enslavers Redux.  It should look like this now:
  4. You've got Enslavers Redux installed!  Now from the SCMR Campaign Launcher go to Extras and click on the Enslavers Redux menu panel.  You can launch any mission from here or open the Enslavers Redux Campaign Launcher and launch missions from there!