Annihilation: Missions 1-24 + Launcher


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    Apr 14, 2021
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All of Annihilation has been compressed into a single pack, with a few updates.

Patch Notes:

  • A campaign launcher has been added! Use it to easily launch whichever map you wish to play.
  • A new and improved victory screen has been added to every Annihilation mission, giving you access to a “Back to Launcher”, “Replay Mission” and “Next Mission” button.
  • A “Return to Launcher” button has been added to the ESC menu, allowing you to easily return to the campaign launcher mid-mission.
  • Fixed Param/Value issues that occasionally would occur in Mission 08 and 11.
  • The buff granted to certain bases in missions has been removed, so they can more easily be taken out by the player. This was a mechanic that I have grown to dislike a lot over time, so it felt it was way overdue that this was removed. This change applies to Mission 13, Mission 15, Mission 18 and Mission 19.

Installation Guideline:

Note: When playing the maps, avoid using the Resume from Replay function, as this may break aspects of the maps. Instead, use the Save/Load function.

  • Download the Annihilation zip file, extract them and put all the files inside the Maps folder in your StarCraft II directory. The file path should be something like "StarCraft II/Maps/Annihilation". If the Maps folder does not exist, create it yourself.
  • Open the "AnnihilationLauncher.SC2Map" file through the editor. To open the editor, either drag and drop the map file to the SC2 Editor icon, or open the editor, and use the File -> Open function on your taskbar.
  • Once the Campaign Launcher is successfully opened, launch the game through the editor by heading into File -> Test Document on your taskbar.

NOTE: Do NOT change any of the file names. Doing this, as well as not having the files in the correct filepaths listed in the Installation Guideline above, will prevent the campaign maps from connecting and in turn, make the Campaign Launcher completely useless.

Ignore the "DS_Store" files that you may recieve upon downloading. These folders are added automatically when you store a file in folders on Mac computers. You can safely delete these.