Annihilation: Missions 1-4


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    Sep 8, 2020
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Latest Version:

  • A04: Fixed an issue where the map would fail to load due to missing dependencies.

Version 05:

  • A03: Fixed an issue causing the initial section of Part II to be more difficult than intended.

Version 04:

  • A01: Fixed an issue causing the map to load the wrong trigger if the final cinematic was skipped.
  • A03: Fixed an issue causing some hidden units to be present on the map at times where it was unintended.

Version 03:

  • All Missions: New, unique models and wireframes have been made for Maxwell Reeves, Morganus Krayen, Jared Malrick and Harris Arrow. A new portrait has also been made for Harris Arrow.
  • All Missions: Loading screens have been updated to coincide with new Hero models.
  • All Missions: Hero abilities now use Z, X, C hotkeys.
  • All Missions: Loading screen text has been moved slightly to the right.

Version 2:

  • All Missions: Fixed an issue causing the "Building Armor" upgrade to affect Perdition Turrets and Tech Reactors twice.

Version 1:

  • All Missions: Fixed an issue with difficulty selection across all maps, previously causing pre-placed units to not correspond to the difficulty you chose in-game, but to your Editor Preferences difficulty. The update also includes very minor fixes and adjustments to spelling and certain mission aspects.