Artist Credits

Here is a list of all the credits for custom models, it is still being updated.

Alevice - Abraham Yunes (Project Lead)

Data Engineering - SCBW+


Chonky Kat - Angel Huerta

Campaign Mods

Campaign Terraining

2D Assets (Icons, Wireframes, UI)


Robear - Robert Rose

Stinger / Model, Textures

Siege Tank / Model, Textures

Valkyrie / Model, Textures

Carrier Portrait / Model, Textures

Goliath / Model, Textures

Supply Depot / Model, Textures
Academy / Textures, Model Tweaks


Solstice - John A.

Siege Tank / Animations, Effects

Valkyrie / Animations, Effects

Stinger / Animations, Effects

Academy / Model, Animations

Creep Colony / Animations, Effects

Science Facility Placement / Animations, Textures

Goliath / Animations, Effects
Acadey / Animations, Effects


YohinerMS - Yohiner

Creep Colony / Model, Textures

Spore Colony / Model, Textures

Sunken Colony / Model, Textures
Academy / Model


Kriss Observatory / Model, Textures

Aldaris Portrait / Model, Textures, Animations

Arbiter Tribunal / Model, Textures

Citadel of Adun/ Model, Textures

Shuttle Model / Textures, Animations, Effects


Caerei - Sofía

Firebat / Model, Texture, Effects, Animations

Firebat Portrait / Model, Texture, Effects

Observatory / Animations, Effects

Devourer Portrait / Model, Textures, Effects

Carrier Portrait / Effects, Animation

Supply Depot / Animations, Effects
Spore Missile / Animations, Effects



Valkyrie Portrait

Hydralisk Portrait

Queen Portrait

Infested Terran Portrait



Covert Ops Addon

Nuclear Silo Addon



Creep Glaze


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