[Campaign] Starcraft 2: Ambivalence

Current Status:

All maps have now been released and are now available on the Arcade. Make sure you are on the North American server.


This campaign is on the Arcade: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/340832 

How To Install:

  • Unzip the zip files.
  • Open your StarCraft II directory (default install: C:/Program Files(x86)/StarCraft II/)
  • Open the Mods folder within your StarCraft II directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create one. Paste the Amb.SC2Mod file inside the Mods folder.
  • Open the Maps folder within your StarCraft II directory. If this folder doesn't exist, create one.
  • Inside the Maps folder, create a new folder with the name: Ambivalence. A misspelled folder will lead to the mission launcher breaking.
  • Paste all .SC2Map files inside the Ambivalence folder.
  • Run StarCraft II Editor and locate the Ambivalence Launcher.SC2Map by pressing [Ctrl + O].
  • Once the launcher has loaded, press the green StarCraft II icon or [Ctrl + F9] to run the launcher.
  • Enjoy!


Credits: Credits


Playthroughs for the campaign: Playthroughs


If you so wish, you can donate to me by clicking the donate button in the top right of the page. This is 100% optional.


  • 01: The United Order - (Release)
  • 02: Allies - (Release)
  • 03: Shroud of Shadows - (Release)
  • Cinematic - The Slums - (Release)
  • 04: Test of Strength - (Release)
  • 05: Enforcing Justice - (Release)
  • 06: Khalai Cohort - (Release)
  • 07: Broken Nation - (Release)
  • Cinematic - A New Path (Release)


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