[Campaign] Starcraft 2: Ambivalence

Current Status:

The first three maps have been released with beta status.


I have made the difficult decision not to continue production on Shadow of Liberty Act II as mapmaking is becoming difficult to find the time and passion for. Ambivalence will be my final project for SC2. Something I would like to do is also revamp the Shadow of Liberty Act I maps, specifically the older maps, and polish them. Expect them later this year.

Custom Campaign Initiative:

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If you have any feedback you would like to give me, leave it in the comments.

How To Play The Map:

Watch this link to play the maps here

File Structure:

This is how the files should look like...

Starcraft ll -> Maps

                         -> Ambivalence

                                      - Ambivalence - A New Path

                                      - Ambivalence - The Slums

                                      - Ambivalence 01 - The United Order

                                      - Ambivalence 02 - Allies

                                      - Ambivalence 03 - Shroud of Shadows

                                      - Ambivalence 04 - Test of Strength

                                      - Ambivalence 05 - Enforcing Justice

                                      - Ambivalence 06 - Khalai Cohort

                                      - Ambivalence 07 - Broken Faith

                                      - Ambivalence Launcher

                  -> Mods

                         - Ambivalence Mod


The year is 2508, and the Dominion are hard-pressed by Feral Zerg attacks and the Defenders of Man. The Zerg Swarm have been infesting worlds close to Char, securing resources to remain prominent on the power structure. The Protoss have been rebuilding their once-great civilization. Artanis as created a new government called the Enclave, one devoted to restoring the glory of the Protoss. As the Enclave establishes a loose grip over Aiur, the province of Scion has gone dark. The Khalai believe this is the work of their Nerazim brothers.


  • You will play as the Nerazim Protoss in this campaign.
  • You will have a choice on what difficulty you would like to play on. Easy, Standard, Challenging, Extreme.
  • Custom music can be heard throughout the campaign.

Special Thanks:

  • Thrikodias for models
  • Dave Spectre for models
  • Hammer107 for models
  • Kazor for models
  • Nolanstar for models
  • VastanX for models and being a tester
  • Solstice for icons
  • ForgeUser7364532 for icons
  • JacktheArcher for Static Portraits

Custom Music:

  • Orcs' Siege - Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tribes of the East (Rob King and Paul Romero)
  • Strider Battle - Half-Life: Alyx (Mike Morasky)
  • Neo Tokyo - Timesplitters 2 (Graeme Norgate)
  • Byzantium - The Outer Worlds (Justin E. Bell)
  • Ashoka Leaves - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Kevin Kiner)
  • Soma Main Theme - Soma (Mikko Tarmia)
  • Collapse - Resident Evil 2 - (Shusaku Uchiyama and Zhenlan Kang)
  • We Hold the Line Here, Hesitation is Discouraged, Scorched Earth - Fallout 76 (Inon Zur)
  • Main Title - Fallout: New Vegas (Inon Zur)


  • 01: The United Order - (Beta)
  • 02: Allies - (Beta)
  • 03: Shroud of Shadows - (Beta)
  • Cinematic - The Slums - (60%)
  • 04: Test of Strength - (90%)
  • 05: Enforcing Justice - (20%)
  • 06: Khalai Cohort - (30%)
  • 07: Broken Nation - (40%)
  • Cinematic - A New Path (Complete)


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