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StarCluster is a simple StarCraft2(SC2) Editor specialized for direct input to data, galaxy, locales and layout. It is meant to work fully without SC2 installed on the PC, if you have SC2 installed further features will be enabled. StarCluster's support for multi-filed data, galaxy, locales and layout allow to easily work on a single project with multiple developers/mappers at the same time and easy share through any version control.


  • Data Editing
  • Galaxy Editing
  • Localizer
  • Layout Editing
  • Multi-file support
Data Editing
Galaxy Editing

StarCluster comes with a Localizer (newer version of SC2Localizer) built-in.

Layout Editing
Multi-file support

Multi-file support allows to work on a single map with multiple developers at the same time and sharing through version control systems or dropbox.


StarCluster is planned to be multi-platform (Win,UNIX,OSX) and will be open-source.
StarCluster is using C++ and the Qt Framework under license GNU LGPL v2.1 and StormLib provided by Ladislav Zezula
Estimated alpha release: Early October


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