A Standard Tower Defense 2.0a (Localized)


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    Aug 4, 2010
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Alpha 2.0a -

Hotfix to correct difficulty settings

Alpha 2.0 -

Versus Game mode Implemented.
earn income by sending units at other players
build towers to outlast them

Lightning Tower Level 2 has had it's damage set at a maximum of 15,000
Speed Tower no longer has any requirements to be built
Lurker's Bonus Damage based on HP removed.
Changed most tooltips for towers to have a numerical value for attack speed
New unit for Versus mode. Hybrid Reaver. upon taking damage this unit will attack and kill
a nearby unit. Boosting it's Life Regeneration to 25,000/second for 5 seconds.
Seeks targets in a radius of 2
Added Hybrid Reaver to Swarmlings wave.
Swarmlings no longer get Shields or Bonus Armor. Instead they will receive reduced damage with each stack
aswell as the current movement speed bonus