Spiral of Insanity

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The Story:

You're a passenger on a Terran ship that flies too close to Protoss space and vanishes into a mysterious spacial anomaly. You wake up in the Realm of Dreams; an eerie and unnatural landscape; an eldritch maze where nightmares roam and your very sanity is at stake.

Along with your partner, you must defeat nightmares and use the power of your hallucinations to overcome obstacles and reach the center of the maze before the other trapped Dreamers. There you will find the key to Ascension and the power to escape the Realm of Dreams.


  • Cooperative Progress - Eight players are divided up into teams of two, and each team shares all items, power-ups, and buffs.
  • Unique Sanity Mechanic - Player characters have no attacks, no health, no energy. What they do have is Sanity, which they can sacrifice to dispel nightmares.
  • Hallucinations - At low sanity levels, figments of imagination manifest around the player's character. These figments can come in several varieties, and players can restore some of their lost sanity by Corporealizing the figments into Hallucinations using items collected within the maze. Corporealized Hallucinations each have the ability to defeat a specific type of obstacle, and provide their team with a persistent buff.
  • Contested Resources - The items required to Corporealize hallucinations as well as the power-ups that unlock the more powerful Figments, are placed throughout the maze and when two teams come into conflict over one of these valuable sites, their Hallucinations battle for supremacy.
  • Epic Endgame - Reaching the center of the maze is the initial goal, but is only the first step to Victory. The player's Dreamer will ascend to Lucidity and only then does the final trial begin. The game changes and the Lucid Dreamers will battle in the air over the maze, and fight to capture all four of the Void Beacons that will open the portal which is the only escape from the Realm of Dreams.
  • Cinematics - In-game cinematics for opening, transition, and ending.


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