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Sparsile is a project that aims to add missing functionality to GE, in the least obstructive way. Most 3rd party tools will not work together with GE, and most of them will require you to close down GE completely, before you can save any changes you've made. This often leads to a bothersome work environment, which can hamper development of your projects. Sparsile works around this by simply adding the features directly into GE, making it work with GE rather than working on the side of GE.

Current Features

  • Custom Sparsile Menu
  • Custom Scripting Editor
  • Custom Syntax Validator and Extender (Andromeda)

Planned Features

  • Plugin System
  • Automated Backup System

Suggested Features

  • Support for 512x512 maps


The Scripting Editor will be moved into being a separate plugin. In the end, Sparsile itself wont have many features, but instead, plugins will provide the main features of Sparsile. Plugin writing will be done mainly in C# at first, but we may allow other languages in the future.


This is experimental software, and there's always a risk of losing all your work, so make sure you backup frequently. In future releases, we may implement an automated backup system.



We are looking for Alpha Testers. Please add a comment if you want to test it :)


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