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This is a remake based on Star Wars: Empire at War space battle system:

Gameplay Video of Star Wars: Empire at War (SWEaW)

The main objective is to create a map that features this system with the following characteristics:

  • Complete remake of every single flying unit in SC2, making them similar to the ones seen in the video.
  • Squads of small ships (such as X wings or imperial interceptors) will be made by using the SC2 interceptor actor with different models (wraiths, corsairs...)
  • Using attachments and host site operations, at least include one light weapon to "medium ships" such as vikings, scouts, void rays, etc...
  • Using host site operations and attachments to make "capital ships" equipped with countless weapons that fires independently to any enemy ship around.
  • Hardest: Make attachments destroyable using data editor, effects happens when one attachment is destroyed. Highlighting the ship shows every single destroyable attachment on it. Attachment varies, from simple machine guns or laser batteries to engines and shield batteries that halts the ship's efficiency when destroyed.
  • Ships are "deployed" not constructed, they warp in from hyperspace when you have enough minerals to pay for them, either start with a mineral budget or have mining posts just like the ones in the video.

Secondary Objectives:

  • Make a map that features both space and ground battles, making it 2v2 or 3v3 or cooperative 2/3/4. in 2v2 one player controls space while the other is on ground. At the ground there will be missile silos to assist the teammate on space with extra damage.
  • Feature to land on planet, deploy ground forces when at space, they come in dropships or herculi, that cannot attack and only comes into action when landed, releasing the forces deployed. This is aimed for cooperative "siege on planets".

Technical issues so far:

  • Must learn a lot of data editing :O
  • Ship steering, batlecruisers can't just turn at 100m/s and attack, the turn rate can be lowed but then they will just move backwards without steering, need some way to make ships only move forward.

If the project goes well: - Implement a system to allow 8v8 players, each of the players controlling certain parts of the space army and manage their currency accordingly. - Assault on ship: capital ships can be assaulted to be captured and/or destroyed, turn the interface into a TPS once ship assault starts, and each player controls one assault soldier to try and capture or destroy the enemy capital ship.

So yeah, very ambitious project, not started yet...

Copyright: I will not be using any name, model or character from Star Wars: Empire at War, what I will do is simulate the space battle system with the Starcraft 2 engine.


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