Simplified AWSD Movement

Hey guys, first off I want to apologize if I am stepping on anybody's toes with this submittal. I know several people have devised AWSD key movement systems, but I noticed that the ones being shared were HIGHLY inefficient using a continuous trigger call every 0.05 seconds regardless of what actions were being taken by the player. Also when trying to use this system with multiple players it pretty much crashed the game every time.

I thought surely there must be a better alternative than using this logic, so I created this system. It has been tested with multiple players and works extremely well and does not bog down the map after a couple minutes (like other AWSD systems seem to do). My system also seems to be much smoother and causes less delay. One thing to note about this asset is that no unit animations are being performed so you will need to modify the triggers to perform whatever unit animations you desire. The triggers are broken down pretty nicely and I think you will find them very easy to understand and modify for your personal needs.

Again if this or a better solution have already been posted, I apologize for the duplicate information. Hope you guys enjoy!


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