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  • Basic TD
  • Referee Anti-Block System (works great!)
  • 5 Levels of AWESOME
  • Mineral System
  • Anti-Idle
  • Added 2 new levels
  • Added a bunker tower (Unbalanced - waaaaay overpowered, weird error comes up)
  • Added a "Sell Tower" function
  • Added more commentary
  • Improved Ref System
  • Removed a level
  • Changed the wave order, it's a lot less random now
  • Re-balanced everything
  • Added tower upgrade for Photon Cannon *1
  • Added fancy timer (Shows time until next level, next wave unit, and difficulty level)
  • Buffed wave units
  • Nerfed Bunker damage
  • Changed wave unit radius to avoid clogging
  • Fixed Bunker Marine surviving after endgame *1
  • More commentary added
  • New loading screen, now waits for key

I made this as a learning map, there are comments for every section. If you're having trouble understanding triggers, I'm sure this will help. Enjoy!

Some credit goes to JFKLBOB, I made most of the map from scratch, but I used his as a base. Thanks BOB!

Please leave suggestions and comments about the map!


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