The existing "Create Saved Game" action in the Trigger module doesn't work. This library includes a "Create Saved Game" action that works in tandem with an external application, SC2Saver, which enables you to add checkpoints and stuff to your single player campaign missions (finally!).


How it works

The external application listens to a local bank file for changes. Once a change is detected, it simulates the the in-game keystrokes that result in a saved game. Essentially, it presses F10 + V + Enter for you. Clunky, I know, but I think it can still be useful for campaigns with longer missions.

All the Trigger module library function ("Create Saved Game") in the mod does is modify the bank file that the external application listens to.


I can't upload .exe files directly, so you can find downloads at the link below:


SC2Saver Downloads


If you would like to build the SC2Saver executable yourself from source, the code is available on GitHub.


Even if you are not a mapmaker and wish only to play maps that use this library, you still must follow the installation and usage instructions in order for it to work properly.

  1. Download an archive.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Add the mod as a dependency to one of your own maps/mods.

For simplicity, it is recommended that you put:

  • SC2Saver.exe in the same directory as your bank files.

    Default: C:/Users/<user>/Documents/StarCraft II/Banks/

  • SC2Saver.SC2Mod in the same directory as your bank files.

    Default: C:/Program Files (x86)/StarCraft II/Mods/


Games are saved using the default naming scheme in the default folder (i.e. whichever one you last made saves in, usually C:/Users/<user>/Documents/StarCraft II/Saves/Multiplayer/).

In the editor

In the Trigger module, whenever you want to create a saved game, use the "Create Saved Game" action from the SC2Saver library. 

Outside the editor

If you put SC2Saver.exe in your banks folder, all you have to do is run it and it will automatically start listening to the appropriate bank file corresponding to the trigger action. SC2Saver must be running while you are playing the game in order for the saves to be created. It works in the background, so it's okay to minimize it.

If you'd like SC2Saver.exe to be in a separate directory from your bank files, the executable takes a single argument that is the path to the bank file the application should listen to for changes. You can supply this by:

  • dragging and dropping the bank file onto the SC2Saver executable.
  • creating a shortcut and adding the bank file path to the target.
  • running SC2Saver from the command line and supplying the path as an argument.


Anyone is free to use this as long as credit/acknowledgement is given. Thanks! :)


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