The existing "Create Saved Game" action in the Trigger module doesn't work. This library includes a "Create Saved Game" action that works in tandem with an external application, SC2Saver, which enables you to add checkpoints and stuff to your single player campaign missions (finally!).


It's a pretty clunky workaround, but it gets the job done. All the action does is modify a bank file. From there, SC2Saver detects the change in the bank file and simulates the keystrokes that would create a saved game (basically it clicks "f10" and "Save," etc. for you). This happens almost instantaneously, so you shouldn't be bothered at all by the menu popping up.




I've only tried this on my own computer's OS (64-bit Windows 10), so if anyone could test it out and determine whether or not it works on Mac/Linux/etc. it would be most appreciated.


Installation Instructions


Short Version:


Extract the files. Move/copy "SC2Saver.SC2Bank" and "SC2Saver.exe" to your bank folder. Move/copy "SC2Saver.SC2Mod" to your mods folder. Add the mod as a dependency to your own map/mod.


Long Version (Images):


  1. Extract the files from the .zip download.
  2. Select "SC2Saver.SC2Bank" and "SC2Saver.exe".
  3. Move/copy the selected files to your bank folder. (Default: "C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Starcraft II\Banks\")
  4. Return to the folder to which the files were extracted. Select "SC2Saver.SC2Mod".
  5. Move/copy the selected file to your mods folder. (Default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Starcraft II\Mods\")
  6. Open the map/mod you want to have trigger-generated saves. Go to File > Dependencies...
  7. In the popup window, select Add Other...
  8. Select "SC2Saver.SC2Mod" from the aforementioned mods folder. Click OK.
  9. Run "SC2Saver.exe". The window should look like the one in the image.




In the Trigger module, whenever you want to create a saved game, use the "Create Saved Game" action from the SC2Saver library. Games are saved under the name of the map in the default folder (should be the multiplayer folder) and will automatically append a number to the end if the name already exists.


Even if you are not a mapmaker and wish only to play maps that use this library, you still must follow the installation instructions in order for it to work properly.


SC2Saver must be running while you are playing the game in order for the saves to be created. It works in the background, so it's okay to minimize it.


If you have any issues/questions/comments, let me know!




I can't upload .exe files directly, so you can find downloads at the links below:


SC2Saver Downloads (Google Drive)


SC2Saver Downloads (DropBox)


Link Removed:


Anyone is free to use this as long as credit/acknowledgement is given. Thanks! :)


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