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Media Explorer

The Media Explorer gives you a summary of all loaded assets and presets from Starcraft 2. Includes Images, Texts, Styles, Colors loaded directly from Starcraft 2.

The loading of this window may take a long time, depends on your computer and the amount of values loaded from Starcraft 2.


Type Selector

You can choose several types of values from the left pane. Select "Texts" will show you all texts assets loaded for instance.

List View

The right pane show you all loaded assets in a list box. Double-click to view a small preview of the loaded asset.

About this window

All information are loaded from Starcraft 2 assets with a library named MPQLib. You can't get information if Starcraft 2 or Galaxy Editor are launched. In addition, MPQ files must be correctly defined in MPQ Pane in the Options window.


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