Development Stage

Development Stage

Current Development Stage: 0, Pre-Alpha version


  • Interface Development Logic (Completed)
  • Interface Organization (Completed)
  • MPQ File Access (Completed)
  • DDS File Access and Conversion (Paused: Several files are wrongly converted)
  • OTF File Access (Completed)
  • Components of Starcraft Development Logic (Completed)
  • Components of Starcraft Programming (In progress)
    • Create Dialog (In progress)
    • Create Panel (In progress)
    • Create Image (In progress)
    • Create Label (In progress)
    • Create Button (In progress)
    • Create List (In progress)
    • Create Dropdown List (Not began)
    • Create Image Template (Not began)
    • Create Text Box (Not began)
  • Components of Starcraft Render Programming (Completed)
  • Opened files and documents Development Logic (Completed)
  • Opened files and documents Programming (Paused)
  • Copy Operations Programming (Not began)
  • Copy from Template Operations Programming (In progress)
  • Cancellation/Repeater Operations Development Logic (Not began)
  • Cancellation/Repeater Operations Programming (Not began)
  • Page System Development Logic (Completed)
  • Page System Programming (In progress)
  • Galaxy Script Generator Development Logic (Completed)
  • Galaxy Script Generator Programming (In progress)
  • MACRO Script Generator Development Logic (Not began)
  • MACRO Script Generator Programming (Not began)
  • Options window (Paused)
  • Data Explorer window (Completed)
  • "Texture Image Viewer" Standalone Application (In progress)
  • Search of Upgrades Implementing (Not began)
  • Drag&Drop Development Logic (Not began)
  • Drag&Drop Programming (Not began)
  • Property Grid: Image (In progress)
  • Property Grid: Style (In progress)
  • Property Grid: Dialog orDialog Item from Relative (In progress)
  • Property Grid: Dialog or Dialog Item from Parent (In progress)
  • Property Grid: List (Not began)
  • Selection Interface (Completed)


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