SC: Evolution Complete for Creators

StarCraft: Evolution Complete is a complete Remake of the BroodWar Tech Trees and art. The Mod is meant to be usable for other developers as the data is non-destructive meaning that it won't modify or replace existing data or be affected by previously modified data.


This page contains individual Asset Files, Mods Required for BroodWar style content, AI script files for custom units as well as the Multiplayer Balance mod used in the Extension Mod.
Individual Unit Assets are being prepared for upload.

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Mods Package Version 1.4

Usage instructions

Patch Notes in our Website

Koprulu Blog


Patch Highlights

• Added new Archon Mode
• Added new Shield Battery Model
• Added new Plague Models
• Added new Dark Swarm Models


What Exactly does it add?

SC: Evo Complete adds all 3 races including all Units, Buildings, Abilities, Researches, Upgrades and Art
Our goal is to remake all units in a style that fits with Starcraft 2 but has distinct design elements from Starcraft 1/BroodWar.

The mod is not only limited to that as the 3 new Custom Races are included for usage in Melee, New Unit categories in the Help menu, Tech Tree displays, Tactical AI for Campaign Usage with more features to come in the future.

The mod is also available in Battlenet as an Extension that can be played VS players or AI, the AI is is now fully complete featuring all 3 races with unique builds and support for all difficulties, more AI variety is coming in the future including new strats.

You can find it in the arcade using an extension as "SC: Evo Complete" or using the arcade links below to bookmark the Mod.
➤ battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/349669
➤ battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/246488
➤ battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/162487

Individual Assets
We're rolling out Separate Asset files for creators who might want to use them, some still require additional optimizations and will be mad available as soon as they're finished.

Stinger / Portrait
The Stinger is a unit originally from the Cancelled SC: Ghost, The Stinger has been modified to use an automated turret on the back, the package contains Model, Death Model, Icon and Wireframe.


Classic Arclite

The Classic Arclite Siege Tank makes a return preserving all the details from the original Sprite and including the original animations with some new flair, the package contains Models, Death Models for both Sieged and Unsieged as well as it's Icons and Wireframes


Classic Supply Depot

The Classic Supply Depot has been redesigned to work as an alternate skin to existing SC2 Supply Depots, although we've ditched the 3x2 footprint in order to simplify Footprints all the design elements have been preserved immaculately in this rendition of the Depot.


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