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Release 6:

  • Swapped libmpq to a different revision, fixing a memory access violation crash.
  • Now adds the created date as a identifier after each map. Keep in mind though, this is the date sc2 downloaded the cache - not neccesary the newest version. It just serves as a temporary identifier.
  • Some internal code rewrites.
  • Some more info between the different stages.
  • May have introduced some bugs.

Release 5:

  • You can now sort option 1 by Creation date.
  • Creation date is now shown when listing files.

Release 4:

  • Fixed the x64 problem.
  • Added option to print locations only ( raw locations / formatted locations )
  • Now prints the cachepath at startup.
  • A lot of internal changes.

Release 3: Debug release, ignore this.

Release 2: Adds support for copying and renaming (mapname.sc2map) of cache mapfiles to local workdirectory\Maps.

Release 1: Initial release. Supports printing of mapnames and locations from cache mapfiles.