Risk 2210 A.D. Turn-Based

Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Pre-Alpha: Unplayable ATM

FuschiaTude and I, inuyashasama, are currently working on re-creating classic RISK in its entirety, including turn-based play and books. We then plan to add the Risk 2210 A.D. ruleset as an option at the start, which allows for colonization of the seas, the moon, and for the addition of commander units, action cards, space stations and more.

The terrain for this project is now finished, but I'm always looking for testers and people to help with the coding. If you're interested, please send me a PM.

Risk: Global Domination


Goals: [In Progress]Re-create the classic board game in its entirety.
Add Risk 2210 A.D. rules, units, functionality as an option
Add Real-Time game-play option

Units: [Done]-Marine
-Hellion (3 man)
-Siege Tank (5 man) [Done]Create placeholder for territories [Done]Create building to give power [Done]Make units warpable (by waygate) [Done]Remove unit food requirements [Done]Alter unit costs
Add ability to divide Tanks and Hellions into marines.

Coding: [Done]Add capture functionality [Done]Supply owned territories with power [Done]Give all players visibility of entire map [Done]Prohibit units from moving [Done]Create combat system [Done]-Dice and Unit deaths [Partially Finished]-Limitations on attack range [Partially Finished]Create income system [Partially Finished]-Add continent control bonus [Done]Divide up territories among players at beginning [Done]Turn system [In Progress]Create victory/loss conditions [Done]Add "Books" [Done]Add "Final Move" ability [Done]Create quick combat option
Allow players to vote on the following options: [Done]-Time per turn
-Votekick players who take too long
-Activate or De-activate "books" or "card armies"
-Activate or De-activate Fog-of-War

Terrain: All terraining has been finished by FuschiaTude. Many thanks! [Done]Re-create risk board [Done]Add territories to board [Done]Create area for combat and warpgates

More info on Risk 2210 A.D.:
Energy as currency
Bid for turn order (will likely not be implemented until much much later, if at all)
Water territories and lunar territories
Commanders which allow you to enter said territories (Naval commander = water, Space = lunar)
-Commanders: Diplomat, Land, Naval, Space, Nuclear
Commanders roll 8-sided dice when attacking their respective territory. Diplomat rolls 6, Nuclear rolls 8, all roll 8 on defense
Command cards
-5 types, one for each commander, with varying effects (ex. diplomat card: cease fire enemy player cannot attack you this turn, costs 2 energy)
Space stations
-you roll 8-sided dice when defending that territory
-allows you to move units to the moon


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