Resident Overmind

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Game in beta state

The game is played just like the old Resident Evil titles.
WASD-controlled character, no mouse required.
A story is virtually non-existent right now.

Since there are no in-game descriptions yet, here are the controls:
WASD - Movement
Shift - Sprint
X - Quick 180° turn
F - Interact / Pick up / Use / Select
Q - Back / Cancel
I - Inventory
T - Use Quick Item
Space - Fire

Youtube Preview

Known bugs:
- Unable to move right after firing a weapon (workaround: quickly tab a movement-button).
- After entering a building you must - in some cases - double hit 'Q' in order to move again.

- Search for small boxes. These are items.
- You have to equip a gun before you can fire.
- You can interact with many doodads on the map. Just get close to them and press 'F'.


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