Red Circle TD 1.7a


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    Jun 20, 2010
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1.7a Decreased speed of fire Towers. Decreased price of Laser Towers. Increased damage of Basic Towers. Decreased price of Splash Towers. Modified atribute system. Added hp to mobs. 1.7 reworked splash tower. Added range indicator to all towers (on placement). Added unit picture to the next wave's box. command -next now shows/hides the next wave's box. Decreased hp of boss waves. 1.6a Fixed damage of Fire Tower lv2. Fixed hotkeys. Fixed -setdiff (now you have 60 seconds after the mode selection to use -setdiff x) Increased bonus damage to boss of basic towers. 1.6 Added boss waves. Added atribute bonus to the towers. Added commands -air, -boss, -inv. Set stating time to 5 seconds Fixed a bug where the stating time and the lenght of the fisrt wave was too short if u take too mush time choosing diff. Increased speed of ice tower lv2. Decreased splash area of ice tower lv2. Increased damage of nuke. 1.5a Fixed a bug where fire tower is not firing (thx to Luxor0 for reporting and testing). Fixed bug with the ice tower area effect hurting air. Fixed potrait of ice tower. Added single player command -setdiff x, when used after diff selection and before the first wave set the difficulty to the custom value x, for example -setdiff 70 (for 70%) Decreased difficulty. Decreased price of Splash Tower. Removed random delay of fire tower. Increased attack speed of Laser tower Lv6,Lv7 Decreased attack speed of Fire Tower. 1.5 New Tower: Ice Tower. Fixed price of Fire Tower Lvs 6,7. Fixed Tint colors of Basic Towers. Fixed model and name of wave 3 (zerling). Decreased volumne of flame effect sound. Decreased attack speed of Fire Tower. Increased attack speed of Basic Tower. Other minor changes. 1.4c Decreased range of Fire Tower. Decreased difficulty. Fixed target priority of lv16 (Burrow) Changed model of Lv16 Increased attack speed of Splash Tower. Added command -diff to see current difficulty. 1.4b Fixed difficulty system. Fixed rotation of all towers. Removed resource trade timer. 1.4a Decreased target priority of all air rounds. Increased range of Fire Tower. Increased starting time to 20 seconds. Increased price of Fire Tower. Decreased speed of Fire Tower. Fixed issue with tint colors. Increased difficulty. 1.4 All minerals values *12 to be divisible by 4,3,2,1 (posible number of players) Decreased (relative) price of Fire Tower. Decreased (relative) price of Nuclear Silo. Balanced number of units per wave. Fixed a bug with Fire Tower Lv6,7 actor. Added color changes to all upgrades of the same model. Balanced movement speed of wave units. Added game mode "Shared Income". 1.3a Fixed a bug in Fire Tower Lv6,7 actors and laser Lv6,7. Increased attack speed of Fire Tower. Decreased attack speed of Splash Tower. 1.3 New model for basic tower. Decreased speed of splash tower. When there are more than 1 player and resources are not shared,each round the player with least kills gets the gas of the players with most kills. New tower (fire tower). Increased difficulty. Increased attack speed of basic towers. Changed models of basic towers 1-5 weapons. And other minor changes. 1.2d Fixed bug where your own towers can kill your builder. Splash tower no longer attacks air and missiles. Reduced land time for nukes. Removed all recidual attribute bonus from towers. 1.2c Added game variants for bnet multiplayer. Added Locale strings for non-enUS clients. Builder now flyes. Some changes in terrain. 1.2b Fixed issues with patch 13. 1.2a Lv38 (Infestor Terrans Egg) now gives the kill reward appropriately. Increased difficulty a bit. Vespene, Infestor Terrans Egg and Dodecahedron now show health bars. Fixed trigger error on victory. Nuclear silo now can be destroyed (with the destroy building ability of builder). 1.2 Added 4 Laser Towers. Reworked the Laser Tower upgrades. Added Death animation and sound to Mineral Field, Dodecahedron, Vespene Geyser. Increased attack speed of Laser Towers. Decreased price of Splash Towers. Decreased price of Antiair Towers. Added Nuclear silo. Remade mineral kill rewards. Decreased price of Detectors. Fixed trigger divide by zero error on wave 40. Increased a little the numbers of mobs per wave. Remade the difficulty system. Other minor changes... 1.1 Beta Seeker missiles now can reach helions. Removed seeker missile sound. Balanced difficulty. Added 4 waves.