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I flipped the reaper model on it's side and turned the camera to face directly down on it, creating the illusion that the floor of the map was actually a backdrop and the changes in cliff height were actually the floors, walls, and ceilings, in order to create a sidescroller effect. Here I present a simple demonstration of what can be done with this idea, and I plan to make a fully functioning game out of it.

I'm working on making the Grenades look more natural and realistic, as right now they are not working as I intend. Regardless, here's the first look into the game in it's most simplest form. When I'm finished I hope to have a few different game modes ranging from Team Deathmatch to other more obscure modes such as Capture the Flag or Base Defense. It will also have a much larger selection of weapons and abilities.

The controls are arrow keys. left and right to move left and right, up to fly upwards, and down to hover in place. Holding Shift while moving will slow your horizontal movement by a large amount, allowing for more precise movements. Press C to pick up a nearby weapon (Grenades and other secondary weapons will automatically pick up if you do not have any secondary weapons, and any weapon will auto-pickup if you already are holding a weapon of the same type). The weapons are currently set on Z for primary fire (Missile Launcher, Flamethrower, and Taser), and X for secondary fire (Grenades, Molotov's, and Seeker Drone). You are given Reaper Pistols by default, which are used when you aren't holding any primary weapon.

Some of the more advanced movements can be achieved by holding down both left and right at the same time, or other similar tricks (Left, Down, and Right at the same time will stop you instantly wherever you are moving). Try flying backwards, it's simple using the controls. If you preferred the WASD movement of earlier patches, I'm still deciding what the controls should be.

Forum thread can be found here:

Here's a youtube video for your viewing pleasure. I'm absolutely terrible at my own game, lol. In the video I am doing a single player Speed Run mode (The only mode currently available at the moment) in which the goal is to destroy all 20 stationary reaper targets in the shortest possible time. When the game is finished I intend it to be played multiplayer with the weapons used by both sides against each other.


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