Racing Tower Defense

77 LVL 4v4 Tower Defense Racing map ! Beat the final wave first ! You can retry every wave and keep all income from the mobs.
Every Tower you build spawns a unit which you can micro to beat the wave faster / more efficient. Currently Alpha - 71 lvls implemented, all towers implemented

If you want to help me test my map and you are on european bnet, please add me:
Char: TheDuke
Code: 146
Server: EU

Change log:

  • v0.8:
    • lvls 72 - 77 added !
    • 11 bosses added !
    • autocast enabled for several mobs
    • autocast enabled for bosses
  • v0.7:
    • Scoreboard fixed
    • Mobs now share visibility with enemy team
    • Ghost: Personal Cloak ability removed
    • High Templar: morph to Archon ability removed
    • Archon Tower added
    • Terran air upgrades added
  • v0.6a:
    • Fixed an error where players leaving could break the spawn trigger and ready dialog (no more waves would spawn)
    • Waves no longer spawn for players who have left
    • Attacking Towers no longer disappear during enemy waves
    • Attacking units now spawn with the right ownership
    • Attacking units now share vision and detection with wave mobs
  • v0.6:
    • Teamplay completely reworked:
      • Every player has his own dedicated area to defend again
      • Mobs spawn for every active player and walk trough all the other defend areas before ending the wave
      • Quick wave end when all defending towers die, no need to watch mobs walk around any more
      • Teams can build towers in an special region to attack the other team, units from this towers will spawn with the enemy wave and can be controlled
    • Wave sizes decreased due to performance reasons
    • Other performance optimization
  • v0.5:
    • Gamemode changed to 4v4 !
    • Lobby settings configured
  • v0.4:
    • Zerg towers added:
      Zergling, Baneling, Roach, Hydralisk, Infestor, Lurker, Ultralisk, Mutalisk, Corruptor, Broodloard
    • Protoss towers added:
      Zealot, Stalker, Sentry, High Templar, Immortal, Colossus, Phoenix, Scout, Void Ray, Carrier
    • Zerg upgrades added:
      Air + Ground Armor + Weapons 1-3, Centrifugal Hooks, Citin Plating, Metabolic Boost, Adrenal Clans, Grooved Spines
    • Protoss upgrades added:
      Air + Ground Armor + Weapons 1-3, Charge, Blink, Flux Vanes, Extened Termal Lance, Graviton Catapult
    • Tower salvage animation fixed
    • Several minor Fixes
  • v0.3:
    • Salvage Ability of several towers fixed
    • Zerg and Protoss tech buildings added
  • v0.2:
    • minor fixes and changes
    • lvls 60 - 71 implemented
    • Goliat Tower added
    • Wraith Tower added
    • Science Vessle Tower added
    • Battlecruiser Tower added
    • Yamato Cannon upgrade added
    • Hurrican Missile Pods upgrade added
    • Defense Matrix upgrade added
  • v0.1:
    • lvls 1 - 59 implemented
    • not yet mp tested


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