Puzzle TD 1.6


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    Aug 17, 2010
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In development

  • new waves
  • new tower upgrades
  • to make game harder with more players in game (it can be played with more players now but with same difficulty)

1.6 Changes

  • fixed defeat condition
  • wave of Thors mobs have less HP

1.5 Changes

  • Maker Junior no longer can fly.
  • Frost Towers now pick targets who is not slowed
  • Frost attack to Frost Tower changed
  • 6 waves available

1.4 Changes

  • fixed banelings destroying everything after they come to end of their path
  • players no longer can build at the end circles
  • auto-turret can now be upgraded to additional tower (frost tower) (for now animation of dmg is fire but its working hehe)
  • changed prices for everything

1.3 Changes

  • added dialog box with life left
  • balance of everything (mobs hp/armor, towers and workers cost)
  • fixed few bugs

1.2 Changes

  • fixed bug where banelings was causing to lose life
  • increased waves number to 30 each wave

1.1 Changes

  • added turret upgrade into lighting cannon
  • corrected victory/defeat triggers
  • Maker Juniors are now smaller and faster
  • Maker now Glow, have hero status and have different color ;)