LotS - Custom HoTS Dlc

Legacy of the Swarm is my custom continue story of HoTS base on Kerrigan's search for Amon. Campaign including 6 missions. Each has different objectives , bonus objectives and each finished objective gives you talents to upgrade Kerrigan and her Swarm. Each mission contains a voice acting from blizzard. No all transmissions have acting.

Characters in LotS:

- Kerrigan
- Kilysa
- Amon
- Fallen Narud's Hybrid
- Xel'Naga Archon

Average Time: 3-4 Hours

Each character have a epic abilities, combos and visual effects. In some base missions you will have a ally, also missions only with Kerrigan. LotS will bring to you a lot of gameplay, action and a lot of fun and some hours of playing.


- Mission One: Shakuras

- Mission Two: Frozen Power

- Mission Three: Coming Soon!

- Mission Four: Coming Soon!

- Mission Five: Coming Soon!

- Mission Six: Coming Soon!



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