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So I've been working on a map (undead assault 3, if you've heard of it) and it's forced me to create a lot of custom functions. I decided to compile them all here for your mental stability. I'll add more as I go over time.

Parity A simple function that will return true if the integer is odd, and false if the integer is even. I'll add one for reals later (though you could easily guess how to make your own from this one).

Random Unit Type A very modifiable function that will return a random unit type from a pool of weighted unit types set in an array. Easily can be used to randomize any kind of variable with weights.

Item Functions This is a collection of functions and action definitions I made for the item spawning in my map. They are direct copies, so some modifying will be necessary to get them to work properly (I'll get around to making them more user-friendly in future versions). The "combine items" trigger is a direct copy and paste of the one I use in my map as a reference for how to execute (though the actual items are not referenced).

Combine items will combine 2 expendable items, removing one of it doesn't max the charges. I used this to automatically "stack" the charges of many of my expendable items.

Donate item will put one item type into another, and only remove one of the item types. I used this for my magazines and ammo cases. Magazines can go into ammo cases, and will be removed if their charges are 0, but the ammo case will not go into the magazines.

Spawn item will "air drop" an item with a terran drop pod.

It took a lot of headaches to get the combine and donate items action definitions working. I hope they help somebody :)

Textures, Buttons, Decals The textures are for the marine (they are unlockable "camouflage" in UA3). The buttons are of various roles in UA3, mostly derived from SC2 portraits.

The decals are another unlockable thing in UA3. RA stands for "Rock Avalanche," and it is a PMC in UA3.

Zombie A warcraft 3 civilian with zombie animations and a diablo 3 texture. Zombie

Diablo Zombie A zombie from Diablo 3 with wc3 animations. Total pain to get these anims working -.-

Unburied The unburied from Diablo 3. Animations are modifications of the Mountain Giant and the attack/death anim is by me.


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