Operation Terran Shield

Operation Terran Shield.
The Terran's gone crazy and you are a Siege Tank Pilot.
Your goal is to defend yourself against the incoming Terran forces.

Read before use:
W,S - change Y of Crosshairs
A,D - change X of Crosshairs
Up (Arrow key) - (Press/Hold) Shock Gun, takes 2 seconds to reload
Down (Arrow Key) - (Press/Hold) Impulse Cannon, takes 2 seconds to reload, shares with Shock Gun
Left (Arrow Key) - Place Mine, 30s reload (adv. weapon reload)

General hints:
Shock Gun is dealing splash damage.
r=0.5 - 3 damage
r=1.5 - 2.4 damage
r=2.0 - 2 damage
r=2.5 - 1 damage
Impulse Cannon drags nearby enemies into the Impact location.
Has a 'delay' of Impact. Maximum delay is 0.75(up left or up right corner) determinated with Range of Tank to Crosshair Lasts 5 seconds.
Place Mine places a mine to the targeted location.
Deals high AoE damage if a unit walks over it.

i might forget to change the 'build'-state to release :) so make sure you take the latest (ALPHA) build

Localized for enUS client so text might not show up on enGB


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