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This map has it's own history. It is based on the original Starcraft lore, but at some point everything changed. Read the Oblivion Breed lore.


You probably played a lot of games already, and there are always concepts that one likes and hates. Gathering as many of these wanted concepts as possible led to the creation of this game. Most gamers enjoy multiplayer much more than singleplayer. So this map had to be multiplayer map. Now you can play with your friends, but there are more than just two of you so the all-too-popular 2 player coop isn’t enough. This map can be played with 2-5 players and gets more fun with every participating player. The genre was a hard decision but there is a very rare one that promises a lot of fun and therefore had to be chosen, the Coop-RPG. Also, fighting the computer all the time gets boring, it just doesn’t deliver the wanted variety so you had to be able to play player vs. player. Even proper gameplay can seem boring without a good incetive, which states necessity of a thrilling storyline. Oblivion Breed is the result of this roadmap where 4 heroes battle against 1 villain.

Up to 4 heroes are cought in an epic storyline and have to complete many quests to fulfill their goals. The focus lies on variation. We’ve come up with so many different quest types that I won’t bother to list them right here. Some quests will be optional, players can vote if they want to accept them. Others are mandatory an must be completed in order to proceed with the main storyline. Heroes also have to buy/collect items to get stronger. You can sell them or equip them if your character meets the requirements. Earn credits by completing quests and selling items. Spend them to buy better items or bet on players in the arena. Improve your character by training attributes and learning abilities. Each Hero has 8 abilities (usually 5 active and 3 passive ones) that have 10 levels and can be managed in the skilltree. You will encounter many boss units thrughout the game. These units are very powerfull and tricky to defeat. You will need to learn how to handle them. Fighting boss units requires good movement skills and team play. Fights are designed to take up to 10 minutes, and be impossible to master without communication and intelligent combos between the heroes.

The 5th player is the villain, the cerebrate Daggoth. He is the executive power of the Zerg on the map and is played as a new race. His goal is to fill the map with creeps gaining dominion (area is filled with creeps = dominated area). Dominion lets him build more structures providing a higher supply and upgrades for the creeps. If he looses dominion, he looses builings, upgrades and creeps. He can spawn units on the map using a orbital drops in areas covered by the Hive Nodes. This will cost minerals which are also unsed to buy upgrades, build structures and feed boss units to make them stronger. He can also use Hive Interlinks, small invisible units to spy on the Heroes and create Hive Nodes. Best of all, he controls the boss units when a battle begins. As the second resource, fear is used for special abilities that the Villain can use on Heroes or his creeps and special transient upgrades.

There will be a followup map in which you can load the heroes stored in this map. It will be an arena map where you can challenge other heroes and duel them for credits. I will also implement betting on players so you can gamble a bit...You can earn and spend these credits in this storyline map. The arena map will be released shortly after the main stroryline map.


  • 1-5 Players (1-4 Heroes, the Villain can be Player or Computer)
  • 6 Heros
  • Skilltree
  • Inventory
  • Multistate quests
  • Achievements
  • Journal
  • Boss Battle System
  • Over 180000 items
  • Unique storyline with funny quests (as they say...)
  • Dominion for the Villain
  • Sound System for epic battle music


Currently 14673 lines of code. Private alpha online an EU servers. Sound system demonstration released! Search the EU servers for "Oblivion Breed sound system demonstration" and please leave feedback in the forum. Take a look at the detailed progress. 13506 lines of code! No public release yet.
We are still looking for mappers to improve or redo terrain. Apply here.
We are still looking for testers. Participate and receive unlock codes for special items.



  • I have uploaded some screenshots for a visual presentation. View images!

Developer Diary

  • The first Dev Diary. It is all about the user interface, the quest system and the weather.

Misc Videos

  • The Sector Queen, one of the boss units in Oblivion Breed.

  • This project already has epic dimensions. (2802 Actions, 155 Functions, 1440 Function Calls, 453 Variables on December 5th)

  • This was quite a benchmark. I didn't count but this shows a lot of items...


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