Noir : Evolution V.2b


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    Feb 26, 2019
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Version 2b

Whats new ?


- Add custom portrait to El Diablo, Kaiser , Naktra, Naktra Ultimate, Zarak and Admiral Jackson/Dugalle.
Thanks to VastanX ,DaveSpectre and Cacho56.

- Display custom portrait during cinematic / in game banter [no portrait shown on previous version].

- Fixed El Diablo attack animation [check out 10 seconds video file in the feedback page].

- Slightly increase the size of the boss fight area for Prologue.

- Add new banter to mission what lies beneath.

- Minor change to the intro cinematic of mission what lies beneath.

- Add hidden passage for mission graveyard of memories, significantly changing the gameplay.

- Add "mysterious helper" for mission the gauntlet, significantly changing the gameplay.

- Terrain polishing here and there on various maps.

- Improve enemy Boss A.I and mission A.I on few maps .

- Major change to ending A cinematic banter to make better continuation with Noir : Ascension.

- Minor change to ending B cinematic camera.

- Fixed the bugs shown in DeltronLive's and JayborinoPlays's videos.

- Make R.A.I unburrow during cinematics [When the player burrow him just before cinematics start, RAI will remain burrowed].

- Update credits and special thanks in mission launcher.


Don't forget to install the mods :


Still open for improvement.

Help make Noir : Evolution better.