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v0.7 (04/29/13)

  • The Unit Panels now display shields. Additionally, only those vitals the unit possesses are displayed.
  • The Unit Panel's bars are now colored.
  • You can now specify the "Amount" in the action "Add Items To Inventory" to "Default Item Charge".
  • The Unit Panels now display the current level of the shown unit (if it has a Veterancy behavior). Additionally, some functions for dealing with Veterancy behaviors were added.
  • Functions for activating or deactivating the character controls in a mode are now available via the GUI.
  • Functions for creating Message Displays and Inventory Panels were added.
  • Fixed a bug that creates an error if the function "Set Inventory Panel Container" is called with the player group specified to "All Players".
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the movement of an item into another item container.
  • Several bugs concerning global quest objectives were fixed.
  • Quests now may reward XP
  • Fixed a bug which deselects the current quest in the Quest Log if a quest changes its state.
  • Units with flag "Untargetable" cannot be targeted any more.
  • The function "Item Has Flag" now supports additional flags.
  • Items without the flag "Can Drop" cannot be destroyed by the player any more.
  • Veterancy and Attribute behaviors are not displayed in the Buff Panel any more.
  • A work-around for determining a unit's model height has been implemented. Use the custom data type "Orion - Model Height" to specify the height of all required unit models (cf the sample map). Use the action "Enable/Disable Unit Model Height Warnings" to display a warning whenever a unit's model height could not be determined.
  • Changes in Usage:
    • All actions and functions in the category "UI" were moved to the category "Dialog".
    • A player's quest progress is now saved differently. Player profiles that were saved by a previous version of Orion may lead to an error while loading.