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Rev56 Behaviordata editing is now supported Object editing now uses property grid added auto completion for galaxy added syntax checking for galaxy added option to change lang in settings lots of fixes and more

Rev50 RaceData editing is now supported changed settings to use xml file settings are now editable in the app settings are now saved on exit added handling of gamestrings added hotkey, name, and tooltip display/editing for units added file browser for adding/removing files in the map bug fixes + more

Rev35 Added behaviordata basic handling, so mapsterTD can be launched properly improved switching between multiple maps added some error handling improved custom patch generation

Rev34 New unitdata system is now complete, will now save unitdata properly map display has tooltips showing the unit/id fixed problems with editing .galaxy files bunches of fixes

Rev 24b whoops forgot to include new dlls Rev24a added try catch around removing xml files to hopefully fix an exception when building a custom versions folder Rev24 Sholdak added awesome new unitdata handling, found in its own treeview node now, instead of under gamedata This may make some unitdata editing off until we transition fully over to the new format Rev17 Fixed switching between galaxy editor and map display added icon

Rev16 Fixed object editing Added map for displaying placed units added ability to right click to add new units/doodads/points(future versions will have filters for object types)

Rev14 By editing the settings.txt, the editor can launch a map, and can create a custom version of the game with a patch that will fix any issues arising from duplicate elements in the gamedata

Rev 11 Added ability to add and edit object entries Added ability to add new flags or attributes o a unit

Rev 6 When new nodes are added, they scroll into view If an exception is thrown when accessing reg values, fall back to settings.txt Added Player attribute to new unit objects