This map is a multiplayer maze. Simply this. You drive a Zergling running across de map.

Get the center of the maze for wining.

Random in the map would be some others variables, like The Death (actually a Zealot) and some others surprised.

The map is strongly random so each time you play, the way for getting the center will be different.


First look to the maze map.

New in v0.4 alfa version:

· Improved AI system
· Improved randomization of entire map
· Optimization of the data & triggers used.
· Camera revised.
· Added a lot of Sentrys, who will be blocking randomly.

Known issues:

· A Hard problem with the Sentry ability and the destructuble rocks (the path)
· Problem with destructible rocks when blocking random path.
· No multiplayer tested.. yet.
· No player info and no friendly game interface..
· Al string work in spanish.. no traduction.. yet.
· Its seem that the victory trigger isn't working.. will see in the next version.
· Some users have reports a camera issue (small jumps between camera adjustement) when playing at low grafics settings that i have to investigate.


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