Mar Sara Outlaws v1.22


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    Apr 30, 2010
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  • Cleaned up UI so the game immediately becomes full screen after cinematics, instead of taking a second to clear the standard ui.
  • fixed issue with opening hints on how to play not displaying properly.


  • Adjusted several camera angles.
  • Decreased bosses continuous machine gun damage to make fight more about avoiding the cannon fire.


  • Added grenade launcher (right click to launch grenades, does less damage than rifle to single target but is efficient vs multiple enemies.)
  • Tweaked movement system to be more responsive. (No delayed stop after you lift a finger from w,a,s,d)
  • Shortened the length of some script segments before starting a new line below (trying to fix the common issue of text running off the screen)


  • Boss fight now functions as intended. Dodge the targets to avoid the explosive damage. Tank will continuously shoot you with machine gun, machine gun animations aren't working yet (any help would be appreciated!)
  • A few other tweaks, some doodads were slightly hovering and i sunk em into the ground.


  • Removed "flee" option from Sheriff.
  • Adjusted camera angle when hydra's spawn to better fit them in view.

Known bugs:

-Tanks don't face their target unit when they fire. -Grenade launcher doesn't show missile en route to target. -Grenade launcher doesn't show a muzzle flash when fired.