„Indestructible“ is a name for the story, as well as for this campaign. The campaign is linear and its outcome is predetermined. You cannot change the difficulty of the campaign. You also cannot change or influence the course of action. A player can just play through it and experience the different things that drove the main character. Experience his decisions, his tactical moves, moods. Experience the things he had control on in his story and the things he didn‘t. Decisions are made by the characters, you only carry them out in practice through this campaign‘s „missions“. I put „missions“ in brackets since in a story a mission is not realy „a mission“, its a chain of events that can change, grow completely out of control or simply – just end. There might be maps that are nearly 85% cinematics and end out very fast, unexpectedly.

The Team

There is a team teaming up on this project. Earlier there had been no people that would involve into this type of work with me. I am a rather difficult person to work with, since I am a perfectionist. I need to fix every little detail, from a small rock doodad to a freaking leaf of a tree doodad. If you are interested with the idea we would gladly accept your help. There is no list of positions in need here, we would accept any help from anyone, would it be tweaking the story, analysing the lore, discusing or fixing the ridiculous shit that I messed up in our maps and etc. Feel free to comment, flame, criticise and suggest. We are all ears.

Pre-story of the idea

[MB] was the biggest community and honor based clan in Europe in SC1 and BW times, rooting back to the 90‘s. [MB] was exclusively unique in SC world, since it had a highly developed system of ranking and quite a different view of the game. Alongside with melee games, there were many types of tournaments and events organised which included micro battle tournaments, race-wars, team melee games, huge FFA games, challenges and many other... Ranks were attained through reputation and deeds done to the clan, rather than being more skilfull in melee type of gaming, therefore respect and inteligence came to be an integral part of any long-standing [MB] member.

Its hard to express the things that [MB] actualy gave to its members who stayed there long enough. It was more of self education and self control route, which progresively improved with you improving in variuos types of the games and their strategies the clan had. There were situations when people would just join the channel and chat and philosophise in it for hours, without playing a single game... To add up to that, lore was a a huge part of the clan. There were countless of lore related stories written, recreated in UMS types of games. Different hero/character encouters were recreated, as well as battles and places mentioned in different SC universe books. At one part of [MB]‘s life cycle, which was near its end due to new „SC2“ melee and „skill“ popularity my dad initiated a new type of gameplay which was, in my opinion, just freaking awesome! A player who wished to participate was to create a character with a lore-friendly background story alongside with 2 lore-friendly background locations, such as planets or stations. That character and locations were to be balanced out and recreated in UMS type of gameplay. Then variuos encounters/dialogs were made up by the community and those encounters were recreated in the game, being it a duel, a small micro battle or a huge tactical war on a planet. Argutaris in his first post about this type of gameplay actualy created a character as an example, he named him exactly the same – Argutaris, and gave him a story of being an extremely old warrior who never accepted a higher rank than a zealot during his service, while eventually settling down to being a martial art instructor in a small remote academy. Then the invasion and all other things were mentioned briefly, in a very narrow way. As being just an example, noone thought of it as a first real thing, so, ironically, Argutaris was never recreated in a UMS game, and my dad, being the one who created that type of gameplay, never actualy participated in it. He just overlooked, so the stuff would run smoothly. And observed. This campaign is my attempt to recreate that actual short story in his post, but adding a lot more depth to it while trying to show to the people what was his gaming style. His gaming style was zealot based. As simple as that. He was known for his zealot micro even in pro-scene, yet he never realy attempted to participate in anything competitive. Thats probably the reason why he is unknown. He did some ICCUP or PGT back at his days, if anyone still knows what that is, but those were only a few dozens of games and he didnt take them seriuosly. The only thing he took seriously was the [MB] 1v1 League, which he was leading in first position for 5 years in a row.

Zealot-based, and thats all there was to know. He countered lurkers with his zealots. He could counter reavers with his zealots. His zealot micro was so sick that he could rape a mirror match in a zealot fight when his 6 zealots fought against 8/11 zealots. I remember one of his PvT matches vs MorroW[MB]. He went with a fast zealot speed upgrade and completely facefucked the huge force of vultures by simply making a move first, and using terrans base structures as a cover/trap. I could not watch his games in real life speed by sitting next to the monitor when I was younger. That was something totally crazy and out of this world... Like a noobie, he could not hit a good shot with a reaver or concentrate fire with his dragoons, but with zeals he always went berserk. His berserk was like 350+APM with laser freaking atomic bomb fires shooting out of his eyes, so I couldn‘t understand a single thing he was clicking, his screen would just flash back and forth, back and forth, back and forth... And his fingers would just melt into a single mass of gluteous, gassy-like fucking transparent fog of skin, nails, forearm hair with a little flavour of a golden color, due to his wedding ring blending in here and there...

His intelligence, tactical thinking, huge melee battle intensity and creativity through the stories he came up and decisions he made in life and in the clan, thats what I will try to recreate in this campaign.


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