Map Script and Data Obfuscation

Project for obfuscation of Galaxy scripts and map data

January 5th 2011
A first version of the Galaxy script obfuscation tool has been released. It is command-line only ( through .bat files ), there is no graphical interface. You must manually unpack the MapScript.galaxy file from your map, run the tool on it, and put the .galaxy file back into the map. Use a program like MPQEditor to do so.

The alphabet is configurable as well as several other options. Very soon, there will be a graphical interface around the command-line program. The program will also be able to work with SC2Map files directly, without having to manually extract the Galaxy script file and insert it back.

This program is released under the GNU General Public License v3, the ANSI C99 source code is included in the package.

A command-line data obfuscation tool is also fully functional although with limitations, and is not yet released.


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