Maelstrom Tower Wars

Deep within the most remote part of one of Aiur's major oceans exists the Maelstrom Complex. This complex wields enormous power, enough that its very presence produces a never-ending storm for miles around it. Many adventure to this place, where they are put through an odd ritual involving deploying static defenses to fight off waves of mind-controlled combat units sent by their competitors. No one has thus far satisfied whatever intelligence exists within the central complex, though countless have tried. Will you be the first to wield the power of... The Maelstrom Complex?

This is a tower wars map for 4 players, featuring an upgrade system over large tower trees, an innovative (to tower wars) wave mechanic, and heavy use of hard counters to produce gameplay similar to Starcraft's traditional mode in TW format.

Current Status: Tentative Release (feature complete, searching for any bugs or imbalances)


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