M3 Import 0.13 plugin for 3ds Max


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    Mar 31, 2010
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0.13 - April 1st 2010 Mesh now binds to bones properly for most models.

0.11 - March 30th 2010 Updated Sequence support Added Sequence UI for navigating sequences Shift to more object orientated coding

0.098 - March 26th 2010 Added queryBox error for missing textures before creating any scene objects Updated some of the code regarding sequence data Minor code improvements

0.096 - March 22nd 2010 Fixed bump mapping (sets to 100 now)

0.095 - March 21st 2010 Some basic error catching added Fixed initial bone errors

0.09 - March 20th 2010 Added primitive animation support Code housekeeping Updated code, improved processing time

0.06 - March 13th 2010 Added rollout menu

0.05 - March 11th 2010 Added bone support, however mesh not binding to bones properly yet

0.04 - March 6th 2010 Major overhaul of code Reworked tag reading and reference reading, can now read nested structures Vastly improved material reading

0.03 - March 4th 2010 Vertice normals added Added material importing

0.02 - February 29th 2010 - March 2nd 2010 Made significant improvements to structures and accessing file data Can now (hopefully) import UV data Added submesh functionality

0.01 - February 26th 2010 Initial version of M3 import script

  • Model mesh does not bind to the bones properly for some models.
  • Some models do not automatically assign materials properly, this is being investigated.
  • 3ds Max can be slow importing some of the larger models if you choose to import animation sequences. This is due to the inherently sluggish nature of maxscript, import animations at your own peril.
  • Some animations, mostly the walk animations, have a funky beginning keyframe which can cause a jitter when looped. This is due to the animation data for those sequences. You can manually move the start frame forward by one to eliminate the jittering.