Lobby Teams to In-Game Team

An up to date method to set lobby teams to in game teams that also adjusts pre placed units/buildings in you map to assign them to the correct player.

Just copy and paste the triggers into your own map and adjust them accordingly. Currently set for a 4v4 map but can easily be edited to more or less.

This is the same triggers used in my map, Legion TD 2.

Things to set in your map options:

Player Properties -> start locations must be set (NOT random)

Player Properties -> players must be set to Users

Player Properties -> Team Placement (Basic) -> set start locations to players. Start location 1 belonging to player 1.

Player Properties -> Team Placement (Basic) -> make sure NOT to link any allies here. allies/enemies must be set by triggers.

Player Properties -> Team Placement (Advanced) -> make sure not to link any allies/enemies here.

Game Variants -> Locked alliances on.


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