Just Another TUG Map

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Just Another TUG Map

In an ironic twist of fate, I found myself making a Tug-of-War map.... as a farce, to prove how simple they are, and that for so many bad ones to be created weekly, there must be a lot of uncreative players out there. I have seen many creative tugs that fall to pages unknown; because, well, creativity is never good for the scared nexus whores; I mean, wars... players... Anywho, I deem it "The 24 hour tug" because I am only allowing myself 24 hours in the editor to complete the project (I am currently at 16, and Geddy Lee demanded that I take a break)

Map Features:

So, what Does my map have that every other tug should have, could have, might have, or in general, you could consider "selling out to what the mass idiocy of public players" hold in high demand?


No tug has a story, why would it? Who would care? I agree. Though, the concept, I guess, because everyone wants some reason why they might want to kill their opponent... Is that your opponents team is trying to advertise their poorly made tug of war map; and you are also trying to advertise yours. Each team has a radio-control tower that is sending out broadcasts. Destroy your opponents tower so that your TUG can soar to page 1.


What is a tug without some units to mindlessly run at each other, eh? Well, I got some! All races can be build by a players single-hybrid builder. Each race offers 13 buildings, which translates to units. This allows players 39 units to pick from. you could argue that no one needs that many options. Prolly true, so the way I triggered it, it would only be a click of a button to switch it around. Each race has 3 "Aura" units; which do not attack, but offer auras in the field that do various things. All units have "customized" stats. That is, though they look and feel like melee units, none of their stats should resemble what they do in melee. I know, learning something new can be difficult; but.. it is a must.

Save Our Souls

Did you know that S.O.S did not mean Save-Our-Souls? It was just an easily recognizable pattern which was later given some words to represent it. In this game, I will use it to reference that huge big boom that all tugs must have to prevent a giant mob from rolling through your town and destroying everything. Sadly, There is no big bomb. What I have are some slightly interesting abilities; that rely on energy, opposed to a single cast per player. The energy comes from the radio-tower, which is shared by an entire team; click to control it. The tower can be upgraded to increase it's life, armor, and regeneration. It has the ability to remove 25% of the units on the map (good when your opponent has a huge mob rolling towards you) and another ability which has a 50% chance per unit to change the owner of the unit to whoever casted the spell; within an area around the control tower. A good defense for that "ohh shit, I am dead" moment. Builders can also build turrets and super turrets, which deal a good deal of damage, but only last for 30 seconds. No refunds!

Banks, Incomes, MUNNIES

Something not a lot of tugs have (Income wars, I guess) is an income system. This is more of a minor income system, in that it isnt based so much on sending units, killing units, or in any way being good at the game... except to know when to income, and when not to. everyone has a bank, and a base income of 30. You deposit 100 at a time into your bank, which gains interest every 10 seconds. For an ever increasing, but never-ending fee, you can upgrade your rate of interest by 1%. In an emergency you can withdraw 50 from your bank, at the cost of 50. Those damn ATM fee's will get you every time.

Unlimited Unit Upgrades

Dont you hate it when everyone has a lot of big, bad units, and nothing exciting is happening, because the game has become static? If so, what on earth are you playing a TUG for? Now the game can be endlessly static, and still unique. You can upgrade damage, attack speed, life, armor, regeneration, and move speed of units. Upgrades increase in price by 50 every time an upgrade is purchased. Some editors might say "hey you, I know that is a bad idea.. It will create a lot of lag" Ohh yeah? Well, you aren't wrong.10,000 buff stacks in a game cause lag on low-end computers. And buffs are about 10X faster to use than an upgrade or setcatalogfieldvalue, for the number of units. So, I simply check how many upgrades a player has, and for every 5, it replaces 5 buffs with a single buff that does 5X as much. Not a flawless idea, but lower lag is lower lag.


Most good maps have a terrain. I attempted to prove that theory wrong once, but it turns out that a terrain is generated for you automatically. you cannot possibly have a map without a terrain. Sure, you could attempt to hide it, cover it up; or zoom through it.. but we all know it is still there. So, I went with the next best option. I made a nature-loving terrain with pretty birds flying around. Did I mention there are 3 lanes in this tug? Well, not 3 completely separate lanes, that would be silly. There is a long ramp on the sides, and a not ramp down the middle. Through careful and delicate positioning of your buildings (aim for a general third of the building area) you can have your units take various paths to your opponents base.

Here you go!

The game is uploaded; the triggering isnt the best, the game isnt very good; but if you are new to triggering and are looking to make a tug of war style map; this can help you out.


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