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Hello guys, I wanna show you my new invention - tool, that can be used to fast creating of items. Just download package, read readme, and go ;) I couldn't test it in all cases, so post here if you have any problems with it (tool can be unstable).

Current version allow you to creating projectile weapons, and stat requirements!



Tool ingame screen inventory screen Item in editor Created weapon

Program can create:
-button (with description, name and icon),

-unit (immortal, sellable)

-actor (w/o any bars, armor icons, etc.)

-item (with class, also new item have equip behavior and weapon set to item name, so you can add them just by creating behavior/weapon with name same as item)

-behavior (base for weapon, but can be created w/o it)

-weapon (melee or ranged)

-effect damage (for weapon)

-effect launch missile

-validator combine (for combining requirements)

-validator behavior (for stat requirements)


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